CEEP-2010 Final Phase web counseling

It is decided to conduct final phase of web based counseling for those who have qualified in CEEP-2010 for admission into Diploma Courses sanctioned as II Shift in Private Engineering colleges and for the existing vacancies and consequential vacancies which may arise in Polytechnics during allotment.

Who should participate:
l) Candidates who secured a seat in earlier phases of Web-based counseling and who wish to move to some other college/course of his/her choice.
2) Candidates who participated earlier phases of Web-based counseling and could not secure a seat.
3) Candidates qualified in CEEP-10 but did not participate in earlier phases of Web based counseling.

Certificate Verification: 14.08.2010
Exercising Options: 14.08.2010 – 16.08.2010

Certificate Verification:
This is only for the candidates whose Certificates were not verified in earlier Phase of web based counseling. Candidates who got their certificates verified need not attend for Certificates Verification.

Exercising Options:
• Candidates who are satisfied with their previous allotment with regards to course and polytechnic should not exercise options again. It may be kept in mind that, if you exercise options again and seat is allotted, your earlier allotment automatically stands canceled and you can exercise options directly between 14.08.2010 to 16.08.2010 by using their old passwords. Where as fresh candidates who got verified their certificates can exercise options from 14.08.2010 to 16.08.2010 from any internet cafe or Help Line Centre.
• Since some of the candidates who already secured seats will move to other courses and colleges, you may give options for courses and colleges for which vacancies are now shown as not available.

Details of new courses and colleges will be placed in the website http://apceep.nic.in on 13.08.2010.

Note: Options exercised by the candidates, during earlier Phases of Counseling will not be considered for allotment of seats. Hence, all the candidates should exercise options afresh.

List of Help Line Centres for Certificate Verification and Option Exercising:
Except Sanketika Vidya Bhavan, Masabtank, candidates can attend at any one of the Help Line Centres convenient to him/her. For list of Help Line Centres visit: http:///apceep.nic.in For other details like Certificates to be produced, fee to be paid and detailed procedure to be followed for exercising options, please refer the earlier notifications published in all news papers dated: 22.07.2010 and also available in website: http://apceep.nic.in

Date: 09.08.2010

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