Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning invites applications for UG, PG and Professional Courses – 2018

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was founded to inculcate ethical and moral values in students. These ethics and morals form the undercurrent of every subject taught at the university. Here, the development of a student’s character is just as important as imparting knowledge.

This holistic development of students can only be possible in an environment that encourages the development of the student’s mind, body and spirit.

To facilitate this, the university has a compulsory residential policy for all students. The environment is similar to the ancient Indian gurukula system of education, in a modern context. Teachers and students live and grow together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and unity.

Most students typically spend between two to five years pursuing an education at SSSIHL. As a result, what differentiates them from graduates of other universities is the transformation of their hearts, not just the training of their minds.



  • B.A.
  • B.Com. (Hons.)
  • B.Sc. in Food & Nutritional Sciences
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biosciences / Chemistry

Tue 17 April 9 AM to 12:15 PM — Written Tests
Wed 18 April, Thu 19 April & Fri 20 April – Interviews

Wed 18 April 9 AM to 11:15 AM — Written Tests
Thu 19 April 2 PM onwards — Short Essay Test & Group Discussions
Fri 20 April – Interviews

Wed 18 April 2 PM to 5 PM — Written Tests
Thu 19 April – Interviews


  • M.A. in English Language & Literature
  • M.Sc. in Biosciences
  • M.Sc. in Food & Nutritional Sciences

Thu 19 April 9 AM to 10:30 AM — Written Test (General English) 10.45 AM to 12.45 PM — Written Tests (Subjects)
Fri 20 April – Interviews



  • B.A.
  • B.Com. (Hons.)
  • B.B.A.
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics / Computer Science / Statistics
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics / Economics / Statistics B.Sc. (Hons.) in Biosciences / Chemistry
  • B.C.A. | Integrated M.C.A.

Sat 21 April 9 AM to 12:15 PM — Written Tests
Sun 22 April, Mon 23 April & Tue 24 April – Interviews

  • Diploma in Music
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music)

Sat 21 April 9 AM onwards — Tests
Sun 22 April 9 AM onwards — Interviews

Thu 26 April 9 AM to 11:15 AM — Written Tests
Fri 27 April 9:00 AM onwards — Short Essay Test & Group Discussions
Sat 28 April, Sun 29 April & Mon 30 April – Interviews

M.Tech. in Computer Science
M.Tech. in Optoelectronics and Communications

Sun 29 April 9 AM to 12 noon — Written Tests
Mon 30 April 9 AM onwards — Oral/Practical Tests (Computer Science) Subject Vivas (Opto. & Communications)
Tue 1 May – Interviews

M.A. in Economics
M.Sc. in Mathematics
M.Sc. in Physics
M.Sc. in Chemistry
M.Sc. in Biosciences

Thu 26 April 9 AM to 10:30 AM — Written Test (General English) 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM — Written Test (Subjects)
Fri 27 April – Interviews

There are two ways to fill in an application form:
1. ONLINE – visit:
2. PAPER – Get a paper application form: By Hand – pick up a paper application form. By Post – get a paper application form posted to you

If you prefer to get the application form by post, please write to:
The Admissions Office
Administrative Building
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam – 515 134
Dist. Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Note: If you apply for more than one programme (does not apply to Undergraduate programmes), you need to send separate written requests along with the below-mentioned DD/ IPO.

You must send the following along with the written request for each application:
1. Indian Postal Order (IPO) or Demand Draft (DD) for Rs.100/-.
The Bank draft should be drawn in favour of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, payable at SBI, Prasanthi Nilayam/Puttaparthi.
2. Your name and complete postal address along with programmes for which application form is required should be clearly stated in BLOCK letters on the reverse of the IPO/DD and also in the requisition letter.
3. Indication of which programme you would like to apply to.
Incorrect forms will be rejected.
4. Complete postal address and phone number for correspondence – Please indicate your complete address
and telephone number, clearly mentioned in your written request, so that we can post you the form and Admissions Prospectus.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 28 February 2018. Final date for sale of Paper forms and Online applications. Applications will not be available after this date.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 10 March 2018. Final date before which completed applications must reach the university.

The list of candidates called for the admissions tests will be published on the university’s website by 31st March 2018.

SSSIHL Admissions Tests and interviews for 2018 entry will be held from 17 April to 1 May 2018 at Prasanthi Nilayam, (in Andhra Pradesh). You must arrive at least the day before your test. Refer to the Admissions Test schedule below for exact dates and times.

The final list of candidates provisionally selected for entry into SSSIHL will be published on the university’s website ( on Wed, 2 May 2018.

The Admissions pages of the website ( are designed to make sure that candidates have all the information that they require to successfully apply to SSSIHL.

You may refer to the Application Guide to get all the information you need for getting and filling an application form completely, supporting documentation and materials, and related information about test dates, schedules and how to find out about the progress of your application. We even have a dedicated Related Downloads page on the university’s website ( to further assist you.

The Application Guide will give you the answers to most, if not all, queries that you may have for admissions.

If you need further assistance please contact us either by email or telephone.
By Email:
> For admissions related queries, please email:
> For online applications related queries, please email:
We will answer all email enquiries within two working days of receipt.
By Telephone:
To contact the admissions office for Admissions related queries, please call: +91 9441 911 391 or +91 8555 287239

The above numbers are for admissions related queries only between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday. Outside of these hours, please email us on either one of the above addresses, depending on the nature of your query.

Download the prospectus for complete details:
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